Unwanted noise



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I'm not sure what the soundcard name is, but the driver CD says Avance Logic.. ESS. The driver I have loaded is ESS1869. The problem is while on internet, each click of a link will BLAST a shot of static while the page changes. Short, but loud. Also, Streaming audio is nothing but static. Volume control doesn't help, downloading new ESS 1869 driver didn't help. BTW, music CD's play just fine. Sure would like to surf the net, without a WHOOSH of sound, at every click.


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Im just taking a shot in the dark on this one, i doubt it will even do a single thing, its just a guess.

Try the ESS1868 driver. Not sure if thatll do a single thing at all, but its worth a try.

Im guessing its probably a mechanical thing, something wrong with your card. You may eventually need to replace it if no one knows how to fix it.