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Tuesday, September 28, 1999 - 02:02 CDT
Unreal Tournament Demo Tuesday Morning

You might be close to giving in to the warm hand of sleep, but Epic Games is pulling an all-nighter to prepare the full Unreal Tournament fior release in the morning. There are some issues that will not be resolved for this version, though Epic is saying Direct3D users should be pleased with the results. Additionally, the full demo is not compatible with the 3dfx demo: users must upgrade. ngWorldStats is slated go online and will only accept stats from updated servers. There will be a 7 MB patch available for people with the 3dfx demo.

UPDATE: 11:00 EDT. We just heard from GT Interactive. They are downloading the demo from Epic Games as we write this and will be sending an e-mail to the press with the download locations as soon as it is uploaded to their servers. Soon now!