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Sir Flannel

Sir Flannel

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My wife has an excel file that she created on this computer (office 2k). She opened it on the other computer (Office 97), from this computer's drive, then saved it to this computer's drive. Now, Both versions of Excel give the "unable to read file" error. Any ideas what might have happened, or how to repair it? Under properties, I can see all the normal property tabs for the excel file, I just can't OPEN it. Any ideas? Any file repair tools? Thanks
Sir Flannel

Sir Flannel

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Well, I spoke too soon!<g> I found a file recovery utility for excel files! from www.officerecovery.com. It didn't get the formatting just right (that was the FIRST thing my wife mentioned! Not "hey wow you recovered it!" but "what happened to the layout?")<lol> Hope that helps someone out there!<g>


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I know this is very old post but, this is the best solution to fix this error:

  • Right click on Excel file and go to Properties
  • Go to Security Tab
  • Allow the access to the user
  • Click OK
This is the simple way to fix this problem..

If this option won't work, then give a try to third party Excel repair software.
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