Unable to install Realtek ALC882 HD driver for onboard audio



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I'm unable to install the Realtek audio driver (V1.4.4). I get a error message that it needs a M$ Bus driver to be loaded in the system.

Foxconn/Winfast N570SM2AA MB with the nForce 570 SLI chipset,
Realtek ALC882H HD onboard audio chip,
Sapphire HD 2600XT video card (using the Omega drivers),
Win 2000 w/sp5.1 (yes, it is the unofficial sp 5.1).

Please note I'm using the unofficial sp 5.1 and the custom Omega drivers for the video card since the ATI drivers won't work with 2k. Also notice this video card says it has a HD audio controller built in. What I don't know if these custom Omega drivers have the audio drivers for that feature and how that would affect the MB onboard audio.

SP 5.1 thread;

Omega driver page;

Hope that made sense. Any ideas here??

(BTW, I perfer sticking with 2k if at all possible)


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I tried to install the driver first. I then installed that so called 'fix' next. I then tried to re-install the audio again, but I get the same message.

I thought that crap was over from the days of the Via chipsets.