Ultra Wide+ Ultra 2 Scsi



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Does anybody know if a u2w controller will run an Ultra Wide Harddisk.
I am thinking of buying a gigabyte 686bxdu motherboard which has u2w onboard and i would like to run cdroms and uw harddisks on it.


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I thought that most SCSI devices where backward compatible. I think ultra-wide and ultra2wide both have a 16 bit path. The difference being the speed ultra 20 Mhz and ultra2 40 Mhz. You have to look on your card too see how many ports you have 68 pin or 50 pin. You want to run your slow devices on the 50 pin port. If not the devices that you have that are capable of running faster will not unless there is technology on your card that permits other wise. You can adapt a 50 pin to a 68 pin. Please note that I think I know what I am talking about but I am new to this world of computers and I am making great efforts to educate myself through these discussions. So if I am a little off please correct me so I can better understand.