ULTIMATE COOLING BATTLE: Prometeia vs. Vapochill PE

Kid Chaos

Kid Chaos

Optimus Prime

Overall both systems have incredibly powerful concentrated cooling. I found the support to be some of the best I've encountered. While Prometeia's cooling power is significantly better than VapoChill's, you pay for that chilling power in more ways than one. Compared to the Prometeia, it requires more wattage, produces more noise and weighs 9 Kg more. On the other hand, the VapoChill is not exactly easy to bring to LAN parties either.

Given the Prometeia alternative, I can not recommend the VapoChill unit for any current Socket A processors. Socket A CPUs have too many exposed surface mounted components and the cores are simply too fragile. I will not blame entirely Asetek for a design flaw, mainly because VapoChill system was conceptualized before the Socket A was introduced, but their design seems to exacerbate every known problem with Socket A processors. Fortunately AMD will be incorporating heat spreaders in their upcoming Hammer line which will hopefully save many processors from a premature death.

Overall, the Prometeia is the best cooling system that exists in mass production for Socket A systems. If you have a decent board, you can expect minimum speed gains of 20% from even the worst overclocking processors. With 50-60% speed gains within reach, the future is bright for super cooling systems. As newer processors put off more and more heat, they require more and better cooling. Prometeia and VapoChill may be the trail blazers for not so far off personal computer cooling.