UDMA 33 vs. UDMA 66 drives...



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This question is for the Pioneer 16x DVD ROM drive.

It appears that there are two versions of this drive, DVD-116 and DVD-115. Pioneer only advertises the DVD-116 but resellers have listed both drives. According to a store, the DVD-115 is UDMA 33 and has a transfer rate of 33MBps. The same store claims that the DVD-116 is UDMA 66 but it's transfer rate is also 33MBps.

Is there a speed difference between:
DVD-116 UDMA 66 @ 33MBps
DVD-115 UDMA 33 @ 33MBps

The DVD-116 is more expensive.

Check the specs of the drives here:

DVD-115 http://www.goroyalpc.com/DVD/550.htm
DVD-116 http://www.goroyalpc.com/DVD/747.htm



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I think you may find it's totally irrelevent. The transfer rate of a DVD is no where near the rate of UDMA 66 so either will probably yield the same results.



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udma 66 means transfer rate of 66mb p/s.
its not possible to meet that standard, but only be able to transfer at 33mb p/s (it should also be able to transfer at 66). (ultra direct memory access at 66mega bytes per second)

-in your links, it looks like a typo...
the sustained transfer rate is 21.6 mb p/s anyway....so it wont matter much...