U2713HM is recommended ? (backlight bleeding)



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Hi all !

I need to upgrade my ole 226bw to an 27inch 2560x1440 display. I use it mainly for audio work and needs much more "real estate".

I wouldn't mind fast response for some gaming in the future as well... (it's 8ms display, is it "fast" at all?)

I read about Dell's backlight bleeding problems and a bit worried to pay about 800$ and get something which is not good enough...

Can anyone comment about this ? problem is that where I live (outside the US) it's the less expensive 27inch/1440p monitor available...
I wouldn't mind paying half that for a mediocre monitor but there isn't any other choice, so paying that much I would really like to get a superior quality display.

Thanks !
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If concerned about costs and you like glossy screens, less costly IPS panel alternative, DELL S2740L.


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I personally would choose Dell U2711. It does not have backlight bleeding problems. It has faster response time (6 ms vs 8 ms in U2713).