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I am buying a 19" Belinea monitor and want to know is it a good idea to keep my existing 15" Dell Triniton and run the two together on my desk.I was thinking like Web page on one screen and desktop on the smaller screen,that sort of thing.
I have an athlon 700 and a tnt2ultra agp card.Do many people do this and what graphics card should i get.Any ideas appreciated,thanks.


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Matrox G450 dual head may be too expensive for you. A good choice Matrox G400 dual head (Around 130USD) or if you want to spend a little bit more G400 MAX dual head (AROUND 170)
Three weeks ago I installed a Matrox g400 dual head in my cousen's pc. I like it. It's a powerfull vcard. This card can support bigger display, with your 17" and 15" you can enjoy it.


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Thanks for the replies.I was hoping to use the ultra card with the 19" and buy a relatively cheap pci card,32mb or so for the 15".Can i do this as I have bought the new plextor 12*10*32 as well and am well overbudget already.Why do you suggest the matrox and does this mean my ultra card is then redundant,and also if you can tell me how practical is a dual monitor setup ,is it worth doing?Thanks in advance.


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It's fun to do, but not really worth it, especially if you're already over budget. It's different if you already have the stuff lying around though

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