Turtle Beach Pinnacle (Fiji)- install problems



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I've recently acquired a refurb Pinnacle from Turtle Beach. I'm having trouble getting the card into my system: the driver consistently locks the system during boot. It feels like a resource conflict, although I've verified that the IRQ's and IO addrs I'm using are free. A unique feature of this card is that it uses a 32K upper memory block (above the DOS 640K in the lowest meg of memory) to pass data, rather than DMA. I'm pretty sure this is what's locking the system. I've tried various combinations of EMM386.EXE with mem range exclude, EMMEXCLUDE in SYSTEM.INI, BIOS shadowing off, PnP disabled, etc. to no avail. My system consists of Windows 98 running on a brand new Tyan Trinity S1590S motherboard with a VIA MVP3 chipset, K6-2 300Mhz processor, 64M PC-100 SDRAM (one DIMM), and a Maxtor UDMA 6.8 Gig drive.

This system is totally stable and has run with everything I've thrown at it, from new PnP PCI to ancient ISA, in any combination (the MB has 4 ISA, 4 PCI (3 full length) and 1 AGP slots, all in a Baby AT form factor!). To make it as easy as possible for the Pinnacle after my initial install failures, I removed all peripheral cards except a single PCI video (S3 Virge/DX chipset), wiped my drive and did a clean install of Win98. I'm proficient in dealing with hardware, and know how to locate and deal with resource conflicts, but this one has me stumped; the tech folks at TB are trying to help, but they're drawing a blank so far too.

I've had the card running under DOS with some utility programs TB supplies, and it installed and ran fine on another P133/Win95 system, so I don't think it's a failure of the Pinnacle hardware - everything seems to point to that 32K memory block and the way Win98, the MVP3 chipset, or the K6 are dealing with it.

Any tips on dealing with that 384K upper memory block under Win98 would be helpful and appreciated, as well as input from users of TB Pinnacles or Fijis.

The Tyan/K6-2/Win98 combo has been truly sweet to work with and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a (relatively) cheap system upgrade.