Turnkey Sites That Support MIDI Files



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You folks may not believe this but I'm simply trying to find a turnkey site (Tried Wix, Weebly, etc.) that I can sell MIDI files off of. What you won't believe is NONE, NOT ONE of these "conventional" sites support the MIDI format. Apparently, they have never heard of the term. What's even more amazing, and frustrating is the fact that MIDI's are only 1/10 the size of MP3, and other comparable files. Another very unfortunate fact is neither Soundcloud, Spotify, or iTunes supports MIDI either. GEE, I thought SoundCloud was originally created to aide musicians. I mean, I'm thinking that if you have a team of musicians that want to collaborate wouldn't the support of MIDI files be KIND OF A GOOD IDEA?

So, enough of my whining. Does anyone know of a turnkey site that offers support for storage, and download of MIDI files?



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If it's full albums and not single files, you could always use Bandcamp and put your album in a PCM format for streaming (played on a good synth/wavetable so it sounds great :D). Bandcamp has the possibility to bundle additional files (PDF booklets, covers, etc.) with an album so you could bundle your MIDI files with the album and disallow the download of individual songs. The downside is that the user has to download a whole MP3/FLAC album to get the MIDI files. Again, I assume it's for buying outright "finished" albums, if it's for collaborating between musicians it's another story altogether and a music storefront might not be the best tool.

Otherwise, some e-commerce software like WooCommerce allows to sell digital music, but I don't know if there's a file format limitation (if it has audio previews, it might be).


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If I still had an AWE-32, I would buy them. Yes, I'm looking at you glussier! ;) :D


Yeah I don't know what happened to MIDI. All of my guitar processors and keyboards from the late 80-90's uses them to connect. Had to get an M-Audio preamp to convert to fireware to get them over to the Mac. Guess mp3, usb and such just came along and shoved it aside.