Trouble finding floppy , not Flopsey, Mopsey or Peter



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I am to this it can be quite frightening to think I went out & spent a LOT of money to build two computers by my wee some woe some. Now I feel a lot of woe...
I got the first computer set up no problem...then came time to put together the next one. Since it is exactly the same as the first I figured no problem...but when I turn the sucker on I get a message that says FDC not found Press F1
When I do that It requests that I put a boot system disk in drive a then press any key to continue. No matter how many times I flip my cable ribbon around I get little green whirring noise. This is the 3rd floppy I put in. Any suggestions? Is it something in my BIOS? Thank You..Bunnyhop


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It sounds like you may have a problem with the power connection. I just replaced my floppy drive after experiencing a problem similar to yours. In my case, I discovered that the power-pins embedded in the floppy drive were loose. Since you've already tried 3 different drives, it seems more likely that if it is a power problem, it may be with the power supply itself or the floppy drive power connector cable. I hope this helps.