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I am a big tribes player. How about any other members? I have read that the new tribes2 will be out next month and i cant wait. If you guys are interested i will post some of the new stuff you will be able to do in the game.

here is one of the things i am not sure about:
Global ID System

Due to the widespread pirating problems of Tribes, T2 will feature a global ID system. Once a player has purchased the game and installed it on his/her computer, they must register over the Internet to receive an account number. Using that account number, they will register their favorite name, which will then be unavailable to any other player, as well as four more smurfing names (which will appear to other players in a different color). Only one name may be online at any time, and misconduct on servers can be punished by banning the account number (effectively banning the 4 other nicknames on the account as well). The account should help prevent teamkillers and such from ruining games, help prevent nickname theft, and allow for the tracking of total time played and tribal affiliations for the main account name. Note, however, that the system is based on the account number; your RL name will not become part of any database. Also, please understand that Tribes 2 has not yet been released, and the account system may well change.

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Sounds like a good idea, hopefully more game makers will incorporate anti online cheating into their software and stop those who just walk all over everyone killing everything in sight and then just leaving without a scratch. As for tribes, well I have never played before but I might check it out when cash and time allows. DD.


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Tribes is #1 game now, play it way too much

Go by the name 'DrtyDzn' short for DirtyDozen. Just play freelance now. Like joining the 30+ player games. Turns out DMM and 420killa server got some kewl missions going.
Don't mind the Team Killer too much, not so much to ban them from their accounts. Don't mind the Account check one CD per customer so much tho.
If they start the account thing. There will be cracks to get around it. Can see one clear way around it now. When booting into the game, it logs on to a Master server. After the Master server you Join a Game server. It is the Master server will be doing the account business. Its cracked already.
Have a Program called Kali, its a Multiplayer organizing chat type program. It posts all the Tribes Games servers without gong to the master server. Can join game servers directly. Can see all the info like the Master server lists shows. Only thing it doesn't do is go to the Tribes IRC. SO you've just joined a Game with no account check, just playing Game server. On CLQ game stats tracking page. Noticed anytime I joined tribes games from Kali it didn't register any stats for that game.
Might cyas in a game, I'll be the guy bombing up the place with a Goliath with an ammo pack

Regards Bronto