Transformer for speakers, voltage question


jonny b

Computer Doctor
I lost my transformer or power supply for my speakers. I do collect these transformers and power supplies.
My speakers take a 12VDC and 500mA

I found a transformer that is a 12VDC and 800mA. Will this blow out my speakers?

Why do some transformers have something called 12AC and some have 12VDC?

What is the difference between a transformer, power supply (brick), power adapter and Charger?

Anyhow the plug fits into the speakers so that is good. Now when putting in different PS into speakers is it the mA (milli-amps) that blowout the speakers or is it a voltage thing?

Why is there DC that plug into a wall. Isn't the wall plug AC?


Procrastinating Member
A transformer changes the voltage, eg. from 115V to 12V or 9V. A rectifier changes AC to DC. Most power bricks do both.

Too large a voltage would probably cause damage. The capacity, 1A, 1000mV (same thing) won't. It indicates how much power the device is capable of supplying.

I'm assuming you understand the difference between AC and DC. If not, google some basic science at Wikipedia.