TOTALLY baffled with TV as clone display?!?



Vlad The Impaler
OK, I have a small Dell widescreen monitor and a 32" Insignia LCD TV, on a PNY GeForce 8800GTS 320MB. On my last install of Windows I got the TV to look perfect for watching movies but the monitor pic was way small with a lot of empty border space on the monitor. Now with a Windows reinstall and updated Nvidia drivers, I can set both at the same res but the edges of the TV are off the screen no matter what I do. It may be something to do with the Dell being 16:10 and the TV being 16:9, but I am so lost. This is the first time I ever tried this.

The way it is connected is the Dell is going into a KVM switch with analog VGA, and the TV has the tri-color HDTV stereo looking plugin. I am almost sure this is something to do with Nvidia drivers, but as I say I am a novice to all this. I have one other possible way I could connect I think is with a monitor cord and the second DVI from the card. I have to have it cloned though because the monitor and TV are on opposite sides of a wall in separate rooms, so I have to be able to access from either room all of the desktop.

Anyway, if anyone can help without too much techno-geek speak since I am new to this type of TV. Thanks in advance!