Total physical memory for TNT



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I got a total physical memory of 130,456k and once I open several browser, playing some audio CD, the physical free memory drops to a lame 40k!! My question is that will my TNT crash becoz of this?
My system is
Asus P5A Ali V5 Bios 1.07
128 meg Ram
Asus TnT v3400

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No, your TNT doesn't need your systems phisical memory to funtion properly. The fact that you have only 40k left is because of the way Windows does it's memory management. A lot (20-30MB) is already used by Windows itself. Then some more is used by your open browsers. Windows uses the rest for it's diskcache. This doesn't mean the memory used by the diskcache can't be used anymore by other programs. As soon as the memory is needed, the diskcache is resized (made smaller) so memory becomes available to whatever programs needs it. You can try the following: go to "run...." in your windows-startmenu and typ "sysedit". Go to "system.ini". Find the part that's called "vcache" and add the following:

If your not sure what you are doing make a backup of your system.ini in advance.
Now restart Windows, and you'll see you will have more free phisical memory! (Sorry for the length of this post.)