Toshiba Satellite 315CDS RAM upgrade


aretecte etc

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hi all
here is the story
i got a second hand toshiba satellite 315cds
very good condition - almost never used
got it very cheap
it works just fine
i installed win 98se with all possible updates
and all possible updates from toshiba - drivers, bios etc

BUT - it works a bit slowly and i'd like to ugrade it
so the best choice is to change ram

and here where the problems begin...
according to the original specifications from toshiba
this model can work with maximum 160mb ram
that cute number is a result of the sum of nonremovable ram[32]
and the obvious 128 additional removable one stick ram

no limmitations on ram manifacturer whatsoever

but i check The Toshiba Computing Forum and i see that the only supported ram is kingston

i go to and i see that
satellite315cds is ram-upgradable up to 80mb!
that is half of what says

anyway - i decide to test it
i get a cheap samsung 128 ram pc133
and it fits nicely in the slot
but the pc wont recognize it

so please if anyone here has gone through this
or knows what to do - help me

thanks a bunch