Toshiba Qosmio G15 in trouble



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Hi, I'm new on Hardware Central, glad to be part of this forum.

I own a laptop Toshiba Qosmio G15, two months ago suddenly stopped working (it's 2 years old). I've shipped it to get it repaired and the technician told me that the motherboard is damaged, quoting 520 $ for a new motherboard + 150 $ labor...... it's really expensive :eek: .,....I've tried to find on the net a website that shows laptop motherboards and their price with no success, does anybody know if this price is real? someone knows about a website to compare laptop motherboard prices??

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Maybe this will help you:,Laptop,Parts.aspx

I don't know if they sell boards or not. I tried to do a search, but it asks for more detail than you have provided. If you can find your model, maybe it will tell you a reasonable price. I don't know anything about the site linked above, so I'm not really endorsing it for any purchases, just research. ;)

I'd imagine those prices you were quoted are fairly good. Notebook mobos are so proprietary, hard to find, and have alot built onto them, so the prices will be high. Changing the board out will likely take at least 2 hours of work, maybe more. There are numerous screws, covers, and accessories in the way, so it's a pretty technical assignment. I've disassembled a few notebooks in my day, but I never attempt to pull the motherboard out. Sadly, you are probably better off getting a new notebook. :(

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Hello, I have the same problem. I only know the part number but i could find the price, part number P000413700. Please let me know if you solve the problem? and how much does it cost?