Toshiba CD ROM



I recently moved and now when I try to use my cd rom, windows doesnt recognize it. When I reboot, bios sees it but once in windows it doesnt show up. I have tried reinstalling the drivers, adding new hardware, renaming the two .bin files in inf folder and have checked config.sys and autoexec.bat.....does any one know what I need to do to have my cd rom recognized in windows.
(I a windows 95 user, cd rom is a toshiba xm 6002B) Please, if anyone knows any suggestions, please pass them my way. Thanks...


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If you cannot the problem by restoring the registry then the best way to approach this is to reinstall the Windows. But moving will not make Windows lose track of your Cdrom.
Let me know what happen.


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Did your computer suffer from a jolt during the move? I have seen controller cables come loose and the cd rom will not appear in Windows. It will still appear in the bios, especially AMI, because for the most part because they are not set up to auto-detect and instead automatically assume that a cd rom is there and working. Check all physical connections.