Toshiba A135 S4677 Laptop or Laptop harddrive w/XP conversion....



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Laptop hard drive with XP conversion done or Laptop with Vista Hard drive and XP Hard Drive already successfully installed.

Just finished the install about a month or so ago. Willing to sell the already converted Hard drive, or the laptop with both hard drives.

I did it successfully. Search by me user name, (DropVista) you will see that I helped several others on the forum do the switch too.

Wish I could keep both but we had family health problems and I need the money!
I live in PA.

Laptop with Vista and XP drives = $550 (negotiable?)
XP hard drive (only a couple of months old only = $200

If you don't have a A135 S4677 the details can be found on Toshiba site.

The Vista Drive has Dragon Naturally Speaking on it w/disk and mic.
MS Office Pro
Diskeeper automatic Defrag.
and much more.

XP Drive has a bunch of software on it. The XP Install was very well done and the drive has been Defragged and a disk cleaner and Reg cleaner run on it. It runs Great


You can PM me with questions!