Toshiba A105-s2001 motherboard



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all i get is 6 attempts of 5 seconds each (6x5)

I just got a an A105 toshiba laptop given to me as non working and i must say that is truly an accurate diagnosis..

got it with no drives or ram and power jack hanging out.

two supplies one dead i checked the jack, it was shorted so i cut it out and wired the supply directly to the motherboard cable.

i get LEDS for AC/ power ON/ battery attached / power button / and f9+f10

drive light flickers once for a millisec.

I had it charging the battery and the orange battery light is green now.

power comes on CPU fan spins up for 5 seconds then shuts down and repeats 5 more times

i have tried everything.

button combos , cut the onboard battery, shorted (PAD500 ?) to reset cmos

swapped dimm slots, reseated and greased the CPU, disconnected everything..

the motherboard is now out on the table alone and naked.

i even attached my SATA desktop drive for lack of a laptop drive.

acts the same if powered by battery also.

i dont think the thing is dead because it knows how to count to 6x5