Tons of Windows 8 HP ENVY TouchSmart m6 SleekBook questions (And support help)



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Alright where to start.
Lemme start with the most important one before my computer decides to randomly restart.
I think I saw this same question asked but mine is slight different.

So I zapped my laptop due it being a dry winter and being wrapped in a warm fuzzy blanket.
The static was strong enough to kill the laptop instantly, however by pressing the power button, it came back up nicely.
No problem at all.
I went back to my MMO that I was playing before the demise of my laptop and now I can't.
The game keeps explaining that I'm having issues with a main software feature that prevents users from cheating.
Kind of like a hacker shield drive.

Also, I no longer have a white pointer mouse. I can spam click my finger pad with no luck.
I'm guessing, however, that a USB mouse would bring it back because my Bamboo Tablet is creating my mouse or bringing it back and making it usable. The touch screen and keypad still work just fine.

So far my computer has also reset twice, the most reset one saying Bad_Pool_Catch and instead of helping me told me to just "google that."

And also I'm experiencing some lag and my Wi fi bars are very low compared to normal.

I have a few more questions after this one.
Can anyone explain to me if this is fixable?
I also saw that some Hot Spot Driver was mentioned. But I'm honestly not that tech savvy.
So if you could help me as well as slightly dumb it down for me that would be great.

I saw a thread simular to this one was posted here so I apologize if this was the incorrect place to put this.


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Reinstall your game, this should fix the software cheating problem.

As for the Bad pool caller (not catch), it's probably caused by a driver. If it happens while playing a game, I would try reinstalling the laptop video driver.

As for the touchpad, it might be deactivated, check for the key combination wich activate/deactivate the trackpad.