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Hi guys, I am just posting to tell all of the saddened TNT2 owners that cannot get their card to work that there is another option. VooDoo3
All I can say is that I wish I had bought this card first, would have saved me a month of sleepless nights and head aches. No my reason for ditching class is no longer to fix my computer, but rather to be able to play with it
I am not meaning in any way to bash the powerful TNT2, but Nvidia, serously, Get it together, what use is a ferrari if you cannot get it out of the garrage? I'd rather drive a chevy on the autobahn. (Though, the V3 seems to perfomr MUCH better than the TNT2 when it actually did work for a breif while) Anyway, Any opinions will be respected.

Good luck if you decide to continue using you TNT2, I wish you the best, I just don't have the patients...

(long time beliver in the TNT cause, happy to say that 3dfx is back on top)
Todd a

Todd a

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The TNT2 is a powerhouse card. If you have an Athlon or a PIII 600 then this would be your best bet. They have the most features and great speed.

The Voodoo3 has the best compatability and runs great on slower machines. Lets face it. If you have a K6-2 350 or a Celeron 300a, you are not going to be using 2kx2k textures or 32 bit colors and most games are too choppy even at 1024x768. The V3 was designed to give the best overall performance based on the games and computers that were out.

If you want to fuel a powerhouse than get a Matrox G400 MAX dual head and play. Otherwise wait for the next generation. The Geforce is looking like $250 retail and $200 wholesale. Savage2000 is looking like a budget version of the GeForce with a higher clock. The ATI Rage Fury MAXX is looking like a last ditch hope tha might work (no quad texturing though). The Voodoo4 will fly, but no T&L or Geomitry Engine. Lets not forget Glase3D and onother card talking about tile rendering (forgot what its called).

Lets not narrow the veiw to TNT2 vs Voodoo3. We must look at the market as a whole and what you are looking for the most. I want to see benchmarks and reveiws of the GeForce. I am looking for a new card and have set aside a bit over $200, but so far the information has been VERY inconsistant and always run on a PIII 550+.

I have a K6-2 450 and Voodoo3 2000 (but have someone to buy the V3 for $75, good time to upgrade). I stayed away from Nvidia befor because of thier horrable support for Super7 boards. They have fixed most of their problems and hopefully the GeForce256 will not have simmilar problems (because they are the first to hit the market). The 3-4 month delay of the Voodoo4 was a shame.