TNT2/ TNT2 U single pass bump maping!



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Hey All!
Ok I got this info from MaximumsPC mag aslo from their online the mag vas July99 Vol4 No. 7. In the review they reviewed 5 cards, such as: 3DFX V3(both), S3 SAVAGE4, NIVIDIA TNT2/TNT2 U, ATI RAGE 128, and MAxtor G400.
ok and on the PG 72 they had Dare to compare chart w compares all cards together and i saw that TNT2/TNT2 U has suport for bump mapping (single pass) i dont what it means
and MATROX had suport for Bumpmaping but (Enviromental mapped) i wounder twhat is the diff.. between the two.
Alex D

WTF?? I am just trying to help OK!


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All cards except the g400 use software bump mapping, or emboss. Its more or less, quasi bumpmapping. The g400 uses hardware when applicable, otherwise uses embossing.