TNT2 incompatabilities..



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I was thinking of getting a Guillemot Maxi Gamer Xentor (TNT2 Ultra) this winter (when the GeForce goes out in my place here in Toronto) but then I heard of motherboard and system incompatabilites with the TNT2 and I can't find information about it anywhere.

here are my system specs:
-ABIT BP6 with single Celeron 466 (non-overclocked)
-32 MB PC-100 RAM (the prices are bitchin' high so I'm stuck with this for now)
-6.4 Gb, Quantum Fireball UDMA 66

Can I use TNT2 Ultra with this system? or should I opt for something else?

Thanks in Advance. :)


You should be fine with that motherboard, processer setup. The problems were with the SS7 boards and the non Intel Chipsets.


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Actually the problem was due to the fact that a lot of those SS7 motherboards could not provide enough power to supply the video card, not that the chipset was in any way bad (with the exception of the ALi V chipset).

But you should be fine with a TNT-2.



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I have encountered only one problem running AGP cards in my ALi V chipset board, and that was easily solved and driver related. ALi also benches a bit better than VIA...why does everyone bitch so much about the faster/more memory bandwidth ALi?
BTW I have heard many times that if you don't want to futz around with problems trying to make things work right you should go 3dfx....but maybe they work better on intels. I personally don't see the huge deal with 32bit color...but if you do then you definately don't want a 3dfx.
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I thought I had gotten the perfect video card for my computer. Just for every1's information, I have a...

128 ram
20 gig. hd
SB Live! Value

The vcard I got was a TNT2U. I had heard from several people it was a great card, but after spending $180 on it, I figured out it didn't like my new computer. I spent over two hours on the telephone with tech sup. and still didn't resolve the prob. I downloaded the latest drivers, upgraded my AGP port, and did everything else I could think of; still nothing. So, I'm sending it back, if I can. I am thinking about getting a ATI Rage Fury Pro, but I need some input. How's the graphics? DVD playback?


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I have the same problem whith my Creative TNT U. My system is a AMD K6-2 450, 128 Mb ram whith a MS mainbord whith a Ali V chip.
I have don just about every thing i think. I flasched the BIOS on my TNT2 card and my mainbord. I also uppgrade the AGP drivers and have used 3 difrent drivers for my TNT2 card. After spending some time whith the support i got a new card from Creative but its the same shit whith this som now i swiching to V3 3000 or wait on the GeForce if it is compatible whith Ali V.