TNT2 fast enough for big textures (1024*1024 and larger)?



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Everyone says new games coming out are going to support larg(er) textures. Actually this is one reason why I brought back my new V3 3000 and got a TNT2. My question is wether the TNT2 is fast enough to work with such big textures in complex games, when it can't just be bussy with handeling textures like in f.e. 3D Mark 99 Max. With 3D Mark it shows high enoug framerates, but will it also do this with games in the future?



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Yes it will. Games like Quake3 arena will use larger than 256x256 textures, and a TNT-2 handles that game with ease.

Larger textures just take up more memory, and the TNT-2 with 32mb of memory has LOTS of space for large textures in local memory and uncompressed. Also with the addition of full AGP DME texturing (something the Voodoo3 lacks) and support for 4x AGP with future chipsets, it will have some extra bandwidth to bring textures from system memory as needed.

Most new games will not use textures larger than about 512x512 for a while. I dont think we will see any (except S3TC optimized games) use larger textures than that for a while yet. 512x512 textures use about 1/4 to 1/2 of a megabyte of space in most formats. A TNT-2 with 32mb of ram will have around 24mb of texture space to work with at a screen resolution of 1024x768, which is sufficient for many high detailed large textures.


Question is are you sure? We won't know till the games that have 512x512 textures and higher come out and are tested. If a graphics card can handle the high textures its not clear if we will actually see the frames be high enough to make it smooth playing. So we really can't answer that until the games actually come out with high textures. I also think that the core of the graphics card works with textures and not so much memory. Team work makes things go faster same with graphics card. The core and the memory working together will allow the speed.