TNT2 and the API's



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What games to people mean when they say they will not run very well on a TNT2 ?

Does a tnt2's compatability make it a less worthwhile card ?

What games use Glide ?, OpenGL ?, and D3D


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I Agree. I think the Voodoo 3 cards suck. TNT2 all the way. First of all, Voodoo 3 cards only support 16 bit while TNT2 cards support 32 bit. I am planning to by a Hercules Dinamite TNT2 card for it has more triangles per second, 32 bit and a lot more reasons.


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I would really like to know what games woyuld run shit on a TNT2. Eg if games like Kingpin, Quake2 and 3, Hexen 2, Blood 2, Resident Evil 1 and 2, Unreal, Halflife, and Heretic 2, NFS3, and other first person shooters ?

Thankyou in advance

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