TNT vs Rage FURY vs V3



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If my CPU is PII 300MHz. What is best for me? TNT, Rage FURY or V3? I'd like to buy rage, but I dont know what will be faster of theese three excelent cards.


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Rage Magnum or Rage Fury, fury if you want TV out. The VooDoo3 won't be out till 5/1/99 at the earliest. I just got my Rage Magnum w/32MB yesterday. I love it
I had a Matrox G200, the Rage card is all that ATI says it is, for once(damn false advertising. And this Rage Magnum is a crisp and as clear as my Matrox


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I suggest that you get a TNT card. Their drivers are much more stable than the Rage128 drivers, and I don't think that I could ever recommend anything made by ATI. They have never impressed me with any of their products until the Rage128, but I'm still skeptical.


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I agree the TnT is the best card and the ati rage fury has serious heat problems, u can litterly boil eggs on it =]
so more of a chance of frying it
and also ATI has a bad rep with making good gaming cards, so i dunno
and TnT is so stable and also has some really sweet features, V3 is just a rush to compete with the tnt 3dfx im not suprised that they will probly go outta buisness cause of it there making a ton of mistakes with it, plus the tnt will rin great on a p2 300, i have a p2 233 and its great
so go with the TnT


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if u want dvd hardware support and better visual quality on directx 6 games go with the rage's also a little faster. supposedly the final drivers that actually shipped with the boards are very stable and the heat issue was bogus it doesnt' generate that much heat and just to shut up people who blew the heat rumors out of proportion on the prerelease cards they put heat sinks on the them. i know too many people with tnts that have had problems to recomend one..v3 will be fast but it will be a bit before u can get one and it won't have the 32-bit rendering which should just be a standard feature on video cards now..but for just plain speed the v3 will probably be the fastest for a while


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TNT is cheaper and if your not planning on using a TV it is probably the way to go. As for all you ATI bashers I guess your return time on your TNT has expired and your just mad cause you don't own a ATI. My ATI Pro Turbo which is considered OLD has better picture quality and better TV out than the STB TNT V4400. I took my STB back. I can't complain about the STB speed. The picture quality on the TNT (monitor only) wasn't bad. You see in the computer world ATI has a "preppy toy" complex with some old time computer experts that is going to take some time to change. TNT is decent but ATI rules. A problem with ATI has been driver stability and speed. The driver stability has surpassed TNT... As for speed, the Rage Fury is a first but it will soon be outdone by other chipsets. ATI has always been slow on speed until now which they have only barely surpassed TNT.


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Not trying to bash ATI, its just that I...Many people have never been too terribly impressed with ATI in the past. For all the Rage has to offer, it just doesnt seem to be getting nearly as much hype as the TNT or V2. Im not saying its a bad card, just that like AMD it gonna taka a little time to become trusted.


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oh yeah, sorry lucas, go for the TNT (asus or diamond) and if you have a little to spare, get a V2 for your glide games. at pricewatch you can get a 12 meg for 100.00

anyone remember the days when V2 12 megs were about 280.00 bucks...
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The TNT is a good all-round, fast, simple, 2D/3D card.

ATI Magnum is also a good card and rocks at 32bit rendering, but has very immature drive (though the card could be a late bloomer as the drivers mature).

The Voodoo3 is the fastest, plane and simple, and according to a local shop is shipping on the 15th of this month. The V3 2000 on a K6-2 400 scored 5% faster than a TNT on a PIII 500 and 39% faster than a TNT with a K6-2 400 (when will TNT support 3DNow). The V3 2000 is the slowest of the 3 cards (2000, 3000, and 3500) and they only had beta drivers to top it off, WOW!!! The only things it lacks is AGP texturing (which they say they got around using a texture compression and on board memory) and 32 bit rendering.
I just put an ati rage 32 in my machine which is a cel300a overclocked to 450 in an abit bh6 motherboard. The picture quality is fantastic compared to my old canopus pure 3d running quake II. The card does not have any heat problems and seems to run cool. So far I am impressed with the card. The price does seem a little steep, but it does have built in hardware support for dvd if i ever get one.


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TNT: i once bought an Viper V550, and i returned it in 3 days. why? look at the
image quality, look at the junk drivers, look at the "TV-OUT". The
designers of this kind of "TV-out" cards
are just stupid. nobody will be happy with
there monitors go blank while their computers are working. In card design, if they provide TV-OUT, it should be very easy
to make it two way.
an engineer myself, and i won't let this
kind of unfinished product rush to the
market. As far as I know, Viper V550 is
well about average among TNT cards. (so, i
refer it for TNT cards).
ATI: though i'm still using my ATI [email protected]
and considering a upgrade, i'm happy about the image quality and TV-OUT. my next upgrade
option will be Fury.


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Have a rage fury, have a stb-tnt, have dual voodoo2's. Rage sucks, TNT is superb, voodoo2's are great. Have em all, tried em all, don't like the rage at all. The Rage has good tv out though. The heat issue with the Rage is bunk there is no heat problem
seen it with my own eyes boys. I just wish they would ship the dammed Fury with mature drivers and the dammed DVD-player. My gut tells me this is a good or possibly a great
chipset that is hampered by the greedy suits at the top fo ATI's food chain sending their product out prematurely.


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They sent it out early for sure. It was origionaly slated for oct 98, but because of manufacturing problems, that was bumped up till december, but because of driver and instability problems, it was bumped up to february. They never did fix the driver and instability problems, but they HAD to release it, because they knew that as soon as the TNT-2 and Voodoo3 hit the shelves, nobody but OEM's would buy them. Give it about 3 months, and the only rage fury cards you will see are the ones built into Compac's or Hewlet Packards POS mother boards.

You say the Fure has better image quality that the TNT? Only on Tv-out if you dont have the Spectra 2500 or Asus TNT cards. The Spectra 2500 has better tv-out quality/picture/performance/resolutions than ATI's cards. The D3D picture on a TNT is better than Rage Fury. The opengl image quality is better on the TNT. It takes the rage fury running 32bit to equal the image quality of a TNT running 16bit. To top it all off, the Rage Fury also has very poor AGP performance in opengl. Running a very highly detailed/textured map/demo for quake2, the rage fury scored less fps than dual voodoo2's did. And the voodoo2's were PCI. The rage fury scored under 20fps while the voodoo2 got upwards of 25, while the TNT-1 scored just under 40, and to top that off, the TNT-2 scored just under 80.

I was hoping for a really good offering from ATI, especially since they are based in Canada, but I was very disapointed with them.

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ATi have bad OpenGL AGP transfert because there is a bug in the Driver as says by one of the coders of Quake III (I think that was Hook) and this issue should be fix in the next release of the driver.