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Hi SoundZ

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I just got Quake2 and it looks killer on my STB TnT card, and now i am wondering where do i find all the patches i need to bring quake2 up to date? I need someones 62 cents worth

Hi SoundZ

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i did find it at id-software but i had problems downloading it, do i went to and found the full patch there, thanx for the where do i find the quake2 timedemo to tes FPS?


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Here is how you run a timedemo in quake 2:

1. Run quake
2. go to the console
3. type "timedemo 1" and hit enter
4. type "map demo1.dm2" and hit enter

It will go through the test and when it is finished it will tell you fps.


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Quake II time demo is a good indication of your AVERAGE frame rates. If you want to see a worst case scenario to tell you what the lowest frame rates you will expect to get playing quake II, goto the following url:

This will give you a link to download the crusher.dm2 timedemo map. Extract this file to your quake II directory, and read the readme file, it will tell you where to put the crusher.dm2 file and how to run it in quake II.

To give you an indication, my p2-266 w/6mb canopus pure3d video card can run the demomap demo1.dm2 at 26fps.
When I run the crusher.dm2 map, the game reports 19fps. This is quite a drop, and makes the game slightly choppy to view. To see what your framerates will generally stay around, you need to look at the massive1.dm2 map. This was done by the same person, and shows you what the usual average frame rates will be in multi-player quake II. Goto url:

This will download the massive1.dm2 map, just follow the same instructions for this one as you did for the crusher.dm2 map. My system runs the massive1.dm2 map at about 23 fps.

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thanx for answering my questions i am ready to see what the TNT and my 200mmx will do, lol