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Need a little help here guys... I bought a CL TnT last week and through some "Southern Engineering" outfitted it with a fan, an old 486 fan to be exact. That seemed to be working fine until I got home from work today and my PC was making a funny noise, I leave it on 24-7. I cracked the case and what had happened was the fan had popped slightly of the TnT card. My question is this: Does anyone know of a "factory type" fan that is designed to be put on a TnT card? I know the Canopus & Hercules cards have fans on them but what about the rest of us? If anyone has any ideas, or knows of where I can find a solution please let me know. Feel free to email me as well as posting here.


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Well, you can try out Tennmax
They specialize in cooling solutions and I'm sure they have one for you too.

check it out at their website


I have the same card, with a pentium fan on it with one screw. its fine, but then again i dont leave it on all the time.
Goto to and look under video cards->tnt. THere is a fan thats built just for that. (called lasagna)
I have also seen a fan heatsink combo at

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the best cooling solution i have found costs only 9.95. It is one of those "squirrel cage" fans you get @ Radio Shack (cat. no. 273-243b) and it puts out more air than you can imagine. This has to be the coolest fan i have ever seen

go here for more info and pics:

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Currently I have the default heatsink on, and I have tied a socket 7 fan on using fishing line until I can be bothered with the next step... I have that fan, and a socket 7 heatsink spare. I will eventually try to prise the TNT's heatsink off and replace it with the socket 7 one (any tips for how to attach it? I'm thinking a dab of heatsink paste and some superglue should do, but that's not exactly reversible) and then put the fan on the top. I don't need the adjacent PCI slot btw

That would make a good setup for overclocking anyway.


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Look for a thermal conducting adhesive tape.
This is what tennmax uses for their lazagna cooling fan.

Im not sure where you would be able to find it, but you should be able to get some somewhere.



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I found something this morning while looking for an old 486 cooling fan for my vid card. It's a fan built for AGP cards that will mount under the card (by the heat sink) and screws into an expansion slot and suck warm air awa6y from the card and blows it out the back. Made by Just Cooler - model FC-100 for about $20. Going to install in tonight and see how it works.


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I just got one of those (just cooler) cooling fans last week, 17.99 canadian. The only problem with it if you mount it right below your agp card is it makes the 2 slots right below your agp port useless.

I didnt mount it right below, but down in my isa-slots a few down from the card, where I have the room. If you have lots of pci slots free, feel free to mount it right below the agp card, it does work there.

I downloaded the power strip program and I have been able to take My tnt card from the default 110mhz memory clock with disabled accelerated performance and 90mhz core clock up to:

115mhz memory clock
Enabled accelerated performance.
105mhz core clock.

Before it would only run stable at the following:

105mhz memory clock
Disabled accelerated performance.
90mhz core clock.
100mhz memory clock
Enabled accelerated performance.
90mhz core clock.


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Check out OCTanePC's TNT tweak guide (, it includes

1.XS-COOL a custom active core/memory cooler that can be built for about $7 to $8. The XS-COOL cooled the core 20°F and Memory 40°F as measured with calibrated test equipment.

2. TennMax Lasagna TNT Cooler

3. T-wings

4. Heatsink

Reliably running 115 core/ 125 memory

120 core runs stable but, exhibits visual degradation in the form of flashing textures on large surfaces (walls, ceiling.

Higher memory speeds not tried yet.

Under development: new cooling solution for memory and core + a third active cooler.

All of this is attached directly to the card.


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