TNT Confusion - 0.35, 0.25 or TNT2?



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I heard that Riva TNT is coming out with a newer version with 0.25 micron. What are the features of this new chip other than higher clock speed and better RAM? What about the TNT2? Does TNT2 refer the TNT with 0.25 micron? Or is it a completely new chip? Which should I buy, the current 0.35 TNT, or wait for the 0.25 TNT / TNT2 to come out?


There realy is no telling whne the .25 Micron will come out, so I would just buy the TnT currently available. I boguht a Velocity 4400 , and am running powerstrip. I got my TnT up to 120Mhz Memory clock. With nothing but a 7.95 80486 cpu fan


The current chipset out is the TNT with .35 micron chips. The TNT2 refers to the upcoming .25 micron (125Mhz speed) chipset, but nVidia hasn't revealed when it will come out (I believe 2nd Qtr 99 was mentioned at Comdex). Because that's several months away, buy a TNT board now--you won't regret it.