TNT Compatibility with AMD K6-2 300 3DNow!



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Ok video gurus, Chanse, Esquire and whomever, I've read many articles relating to the TNT. I like the card alot (it's seems like it's going to blow my mind away; no puns intended, BUT I have read in a few articles that there are some compatibility issues that arises when combined with the AMD super7 configuration. I recall that the system doesn't boot properly or not at all, including Windows 98. I am on the virge of buying STB's, but need confirmation first. Thanx in advance.


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ok this is my input..... I belive the problem is with the super 7 mobo's (motherboard) So check around. has a rundown, and I belive it is just a problem with AGP cards not TNT chips....
I (think) I'm rigt on....
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First let me see how much change I have in my pocket.... 65 cents.

Esq. is right about checking out Tom's H, but I believe that most of the AGP - Socket 7 incompatability issues revolve around the Alladin V chipset and not so for the VIA MVP3... There are only a few MB makers using Alladin, so not to worry. Get yourself a good FIC, DFI or Tyan with the VIA MVP3 chipset and ...very important... 1 MB of external L2 cache. (some only have 512 K)

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One of the things I've read and have been hearing, is that some problems are encountered with the MVP3, not many, but some of my friends have bought the VP3(I think it's almost the same board, just AT instead of ATX??) and it works fine.
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What website is that? and eh, thanks for the pennies they're worth alot!