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Im looking forward to building a new system this Christmas (merry christmas to me). Probably a K62-350. I keep hearing weird things about the TNT not having full 3DNow support yet. Wouldnt DirectX 6.0 solve all of that? Heres and url to DirectX 6
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I have a K62-266 and I purchased a Velocity 4400 with the TnT chip. The problem that I had was the TnT chip wasn't compatible with my socket 7 mobo or it wasn't compatible with my MVP3 chipset. My computer would occasionally freeze and the video card wasn't performing to it's fullest potential. Also, I have DirectX 6.0.

I have heard of some people getting the TnT video card to work on their socket 7 mobo. When you buy your TnT Video Card it would be strongly suggestable that you keep your receipt

(By the way, I returned the way Velocity 4400 and got myself a Voodoo2 12mb. I use the 3dnow! patches in quake 2 and I get about 55 fps in demo1. This may not be a lot of fps but once you pass 55-60 fps it dosen't really matter.


(Actually, once you pass the 24FPS it doesn't matter.Unless you're some type of human/alien hybrid, you cannot see beyond 24fps)

I've read about problems with the TnT and Super7 chipsets, but from what I've read, they have been or are being fixed. It all depends on what kind of games you like to run, and how long you want to keep your video card. Voodoo2 is fast , and cheap, but TnT is more than fast enough, and the visual quality blows 3dfx out of the water. Plus, it will keep for a while(I'm not into upgrading every two weeks)


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Chanse is right (I'm glad to see he is reading some of my replies). Before you take your TNT back... You probably are experiencing problems with the VIA's MVP3 chipset. There WERE issues originally and the FIXES are NOW available at VIA's website. The important point here is that if you are planning to buy the newest hardware, you should have each of their respective homesites bookmarked for information regarding updates and patches. There are always problems with new hardware and you should prepare yourself to accept a limited amount of hassel (not too much of course). The problem is that if you wait for all issue to be solved "automatically" your hardware will be outdated.
I hope you have kept the reciept for your Voodoo2, because if you go to your friend's house and see the image quality of their TNT, you'll wish you had...



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I have the Creative bare bones TNT in AGP. Works just fine. My initial problems were not related to drivers or patches but to IRQ settings. Seems you cannot change what the TNT card wants to take but you can bump it around if you have the available IRQs. I was able to have the card on either 9-15 IRQ just by manipulating the Mobo bios and my other hardware settings ie: USB disabled, IDE secondary disabled and my SCSI card adjusted. When I found the right fit (no devices sharing) it works just fine. My numbers for Quake II demo1 on my K6-2 3D 333
800x600x32bit 3DNow/GL
52 fps
1024x768x32bit " "
36 fps
800x600x16bit " "
80 fps
1024x768x16bit " "
54 fps
but its the visuals blending withe the frame rates that just takes your breath away.
You've got to see it to...


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I got an e-mail from diamond tech support saying that with the latest drivers and an assigned irq card will work fine on asus p5a board. I will probably try within a week.
I am looking at the viper 550.