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TNT is the fastest, best solution currently, save for Voodoo2 SLI, but for the price... But wait sports fans, the RRedline from Rendition and ATI's Rage 128 are comming in Nov. Should we Wait ??? Again ?? These new cards are supposed to be equal or better than TNT with additional features of TV "in" and onboard hardware DVD decoding! Not to mention multiple monitor support!! and 32 MB onboard memory!! Should we wait ? (no DVD with TNT)
Should we wait? always the question....

See for yourself at the homepages of Rendition, ATI & 3Dlabs



I would avoid Rendition, for the simple fact that the are not a good enough company when it comes to driver support. The V2200 chipset is practically ancient, and the OpenGL icd is still in Beta, (ALpha until 2 months ago)
And ATI.....I think they are doing a lot of bragging for a company whose previous cards really.............sucked. I bought an ALL-IN WONDER....They should have named it Iwonder-how-many-suckers-will-buy-this-card

And the TV in and out offered with these cards is not really good enough t obe a consieration. It's nice to have, but not really a deciding factor.


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The turn over rate for new technology in the video card market is 3 monts. If you wait now, you will always wait. You'll be thinking about the new chips on the market at the time, but there will be talk of new chips that will come out soon that are faster. Jump in now, and jump in again in 3 months. The average lifespan for most video card chipsets is about 6 months. Day one: chipset is concieved: day 90, chipset goes to mass market and sells x # of units: Day 180 (6months) the chipset is now obsolete and is useless to get.

My advice: jump in now, there will never be a better time to do it. It you wait now, you will wait later, and you will wait till the end of your life!!!