TNT 2 may be a good chipset but not good enough



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TNT 2/TNT 2 Ultra may be famous, popular for most gamers, but as I read so many article in discussion forum, it seems that TNT2 causes many problems to people. So many people says "blah blah...TNT2 lock up,"
I'm not here to a start fight with people who respect NVidia or TNT2. I just thought TNT2 is like trouble maker to computer users.


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well u gotta also look at it
how many different hardware configs are there?
my TNT didnt work on my comp cause my motherboard, didnt have an addiquate power supply for the card (asus P2L97)
i got a new motherboard, and the card runs great i love it.


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Just because a group of people haven't had problems with their TnT2's doesn't mean that the card isn't prone to problems.

You'd have to have your head in the sand not to see that a lot of people have problems with these cards.

I respect the strides Nvdia has made, but for anyone who has used both TnT2 and 3dfx Voodoo3 cards will tell you. When both cards run optimally, there is very little difference between the two, with the TnT2 having a slight edge in image quality, and the 3dfx running slightly smoother.

However, the reason ron608 started this thread was to state that some cards run optimally more often than others, and sorry guys it ain't Nvidia's offering.