THROUGHPUT! Is my ISP limiting my BW???



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I have a USR v.90 voice/fax modem. I connect to my ISP at usually 48.0KPS (sometimes49.3)And ONLY GET 5Kbps. I have seen bursts of 14kbps but they go away quickly. What is the deal???!!Am I getting ripped of by my ISP?? Is this normal??? Does anyone get say 30kbps(throughput)from their ISP???

I made a mistake with my KBPS/Kbps. Once again I would like to state that I recieve roughly 10% through put on my 48000bps connection.

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There's a difference between Kbps (kilobits per sec) and KBps (kilobytes) - the Kbps value is between 8 and 10 times as big as the same speed in KBps, depending on exactly which speed is being reported. Connect speeds are almost invariably quoted in Kbps, and transfer rates are usually quoted in KBps (or cps, which is effectively KBps). Your 5KBps transfer is as good as you can expect from a 48Kbps connection, and the higher bursts are due to compression by the modem. Your connection is fine.


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Try the performance tests at Maybe of limited relevance but I use them when I reconfigure anything in my dial-in hardware or process as a referance point. I'm in a little backwoods Colorado town and the lines prevent my connecting at anything above 26,400 bps. My US Robotics Sporster Model 840 Faxmodem (a proven workhorse) loads the text page in 48 second on a good day. If I consistently get 56 or worse I know I have a problem. I find that disabling wins resolution in the Wins Configuration tab of TCP/IP properties in Network Configuration in Control Panel of Windows 95 signifigantly helps performance. I don't know how they are elswhere, but after four ISPs and about 10 free trial months of 10 others, EarthLink has proved best in my area for consistent connection and speed.