Three-year, 27,000 drive study ...



Three-year, 27,000 drive study reveals the most reliable hard drive makers

If you’re looking to upgrade your PC’s hard drive in the next few months, you might want to take a look at an interesting blog post from online backup provider Backblaze. After shining a general light on how long hard drives actually last late last year, the company took to its blog on Tuesday to provide a detailed look at how consumer-grade hard drives from Hitachi, Seagate, and Western Digital performed in Backblaze’s storage pods.

By the end of 2013, Backblaze had more than 27,000 consumer-grade hard drives spinning away in its storage facilities, backing up photos, mp3s, and important documents for its users. Those may not be Google-sized numbers, but tens of thousands of drives are certainly enough to glean a few trends.

The company took a look at the failure rates for a wide range of specific models in its storage pods, as well as uptime and overall lifetime by brand. The end result? Hitachi and Western Digital were workhorses, while Seagate drives were more likely to fade after a few years...

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Great article. Nice to see some organic research.