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I have just ordered a whole bunch of things that are going to help get past the 1 GHz mark so all I need now is a good processor to get.

Can you guys kindly give me specs on your processors?

What's better... FC-PGA of Slot 1?

What are your batch numbers?

And any ohter information you think I should know?

Thanks a lot everyone.

One more thing... this is for Intel. Don't have the peripherals for Athlon's.


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my 650e is a 99500 476-0094, Malay, SL3KV. I think Big Lar's can go a bit higher than mine. Just watch your AGP bus if you gonna go BX. I myself likes the slot 1 better cuz I can use a slot 1 Alpha or the new Globalwin VOS32 (if you can find it). But the FC might give you more options in the future if Intel starts flexing their muscle and push mobo manufracturer away from the slot 1.

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Same chip as NITEOWL here,< Been to 988/ SL3NR... ( aren't they all ) , fpo batch 99500524 ( week 50 ).

Help me get this Boot outta my azz!!!!


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Since you're still dealing with a locked multiplier, you have to raise FSB speed. The goal, then, should be to raise the FSB as little as possible to prevent screwing up your PCI/AGP bus speeds and rendering your cool hardware useless. Start with at least a 750MHz coppermine with a high multiplier so you can keep that FSB reasonable.


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You know my biggest prblem is buying a processor upon first release. I guess the problem is knowing that you can get that same chip for US 400.00 less in about 5 or 6 months.

What ever the case, I'm sure I'll work it out.


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I'm sure you know my specs by now so I wont bore you with it again. I think the 700 will get over I gig with my water cooling.

That would be a 143fsb which is still pretty high.

AS TN said a higher multiplier is better for the rest of your systems components but can also be less overclockable. Do you remember that the PIII 600 .25 was generally less overclockable than a PIII 450. It appeared to be eaiser to get the 450 to higher mhz.

Although our little battle on HWC between (NiteOwl, Big Lar & Myself) has shown That the 650 went higher eaiser, it's not a scientific test and mine should get the gig with cooling, where as the high fsb is giving the others problems.

What I trying to say is that a higher multiplier won't always lead to a higher overclock.

You'll also need good ram, video card and Mobo.

Good luck.


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Based on that BladeRunner, let me know if you think I'm going to do okay:

Abit BE6
3Dfx Voodoo3 3000 AGP
256 MB Step-Thermodynamics PC100 7ns RAM

I'll change the RAM of course, but not until I get all my overclocking things first.

I really wish I could trade my BE6 for a BF6 so I have better choices when it comes to overclocking?

Maybe I'll start another thread for that?

Thanks all and keep posting so I know what direction to go towards...


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cool.....from the philippines as well.


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Hmmm... Toolbox, maybe you should start a "Flipping Flippers from Philippines"-thread like my "Norske Normenn fra Norge..."


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I build and fix PCs for friends and got kind of a cool little story here. Last week I was building a P3 700 for a guy I know. Got one of the new Alpha hs/fan combos with the copper insert for it. Anyway I was still waiting for a CD burner for that system. A friend of mines wife went out and bought him a brand new HP P3 800mhz system for Valentine's day. So he goes and buys a SoundBlaster Live for it and wants me to put it in for him. I said no problem...just let me have it for a couple of days to get it in and get all the bugs out of it. So now I had a P3 800 in my hands [at least for a couple days] and a sweet Alpha cooler to try on it. I slapped the 800 in the system I was building and it booted right up. Got it up to 1064mhz [133mhz FSB]. I played around with it for a whole day and it was really running stable at that speed . But that was it...started getting registry errors any faster [135mhz FSB]. Was on a Soyo 6BA+4 board with PC133 HSDRAM. Damn, wish I had that chip instead of my 550E! So that is my experience above 900mhz.


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You know I'm glad you shared that story. I put money on how far the Coppermine can go and I said it COULD reach 1GHz+. Now some smart asses in here were saying 800MHz was about the limit ,blah,blah,blah...You know it really bothers me being right all the time.


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Hey Duckman, i just had to say that i love the quote on your signature man, i totally agree!


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If it is genuine 7ns ram then it's rating should be 143Mhz with potential to go further so you might not need to change it.

The formular for converting the nanosecond speed to Mhz is

1000/7ns= 143Mhz

Normal PC 100Mhz ram is 10ns

1000/10ns= 100Mhz


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Whoa this 7ns shtick of RAM I got ran at 172mhz in a friend of mines BF6..... was pretty swanky....


Edit: Posted at 172... it was not like it was stable

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