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This might sound abit off-topic but what is the average of uses of this site am I old at 31?? (Ive been drinking by the way)


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Wow, you're old Maxout! A few more years and those bones will really be creaking. I'm only 34.


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Maxie isn't OLD... he's like fine wine, he gets better with age!

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OK, I'm 42.

Seems like us "old farts" outnumber the "young whipper snappers" tonight. Maybe because we're all sittin at home and they are out tearing up the town. I bet we'll here differently as this topic ages a bit.

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17 :-D

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I've just picked up a fault in the AE35 unit. It's going to go 100% failure in 72 hours...

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I am 22. I guess I am kinda in the middle there. And hay 1fast6 I dont go and tare up the town...... I burn it to the ground
not realy I am one of the most boring people you will ever meat that is unless you ask me about my puter

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24 - i guess drilling holes in my chassis for better ventilation is kinda like tearin up the town?!?!?!?

been a puter user for a couple years.
just recently started getting into hardware.
i am building my 1st system.
looking for advice from all you experienced OC'ers. (especially regarding cooling)
cash considerations=minimal
cpu=t-bird 850 sockA/462
mobo=asus a7v
hs/fan=i have a coolermaster?something? but i can explore other options
agp=matrox g400 max dualhead (graphics guy but not a gamer)
ram=512 pc133 w/ ECC
case=aopen fulltower hq08 (room for cooling)
lastly, i live in maui (dont cry for me. i'll survive) so temp is a BIG concern. it is about 85 degs everyday and humid.


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I'm 18, and been into computers for about 4 years. Well I just upgraded to a celly 566e I bought it at ebay (that guy said it can overclock to 1003) psh!!! My ass, anyway it can only go up to 707mhz until recently I've been burning the cpu with Dharma. It got to 850 at I'm trying to go up to 875 and later 892. Wish myself luck!


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Well looks like im the youngest 14.5 =].

I've made many computers in my 2 years of doing stuff with computers =]



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Aopen AW744
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Gee when I saw "abit" I thought it was gonna be "on topic"! Hey Steelman I bet I'm even older than you. I was born in January of '49!