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Doesn't this forum look so good? It's beautiful!

Just wanted to thank all the people who supported this idea... now we can use it to our hearts content.

I forgot to mention... Collinj was the one who actually got this up and running, we should all thank him!

Cheers Collinj

Now for my question, it's about the differrent variables in overclocking with the SoftMenu:

Okay, I have a Pentium II 300 and a Celeron 300A that can be both safely overclocked to 450 MHz with the stock fans and heatsinks... now, I just got my new Asus P3B-F and it has its own version of Abit's SoftMenu. The question I want to ask is:

The CPU speed and the FSB starts at 300 MHz @ 66 MHz FSB and as follows:

300 MHz - 66 FSB
333 MHz - 66 FSB
366 MHz - 66 FSB
400 MHz - 66 FSB
433 MHz - 66 FSB
466 MHz - 66 FSB
350 MHz - 100 FSB
400 MHz - 100 FSB
450 MHz - 100 FSB

Does this mean that I can use all the variables in between 300 MHz - 66 FSB and 450 MHz - 100 FSB?

I want to know the pros and cons to it all... can someone enlighten me?

Thank you!

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No, you cant do that with them, because the Celeron is multiplyer locked, so it can only run at either 300 @ 66 or 450 @ 100 (multipyer is locked at 4.5, but you can use any bus setting that is stable [66, 75, 83, 100, 103, 112 etc], for many combinations of speeds from 300, 338, 374, 450, 464, 504, etc).

The p2 may be either multiplyer locked, or multiplyer limited (can use any multiplyer at or below 4.5). If it is multiplyer locked, you are stuck the same as with the celeron. If it is limited and the Asus board also allows the sel/freqency high/low in the bios, you can change that to be able to bypass the multiplyer cap on the chip to be able to run any multiplyer above 4.5 but now below.

Oh, and your welcome.


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Well if I am reading this correctly your only 2 options in that softmenu are the 300mhz at 66 FSB and 450 mhz at 100 mhz FSB.

Reason being is that those are the only 2 running at a 4.5x multiplier, which is what the celeron 300A is locked at.

Unless it gives you an option to change bus seperately without changing the multiplier you are pretty much limited.

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When playing around with the FSB and multiplier setting, don't forget you need to change the AGP/CLCK (?). You want to AGP bus running as close to 66 mhz as possible.


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My hat is off to ya Collinj, this was a great idea for a forum. It was built by a hardcore for the hardcore.
Now if only my wife could understand why I have that monster heat sink and fan in the bedroom night stand......

Ya over clocking coolers!!!

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Toolbox - dead right about it being a great forum. I've checked out quite a lot of other forums of late, to see how HWC stacks up. Ars Technica seems to be almost as good as HWC, but nothing else comes close.

No, I'm not a member of Ars Technica, and I don't plan to be.

BTW, a lot of forums have a dedicated forum for modded cases, and these seem to be popular. I know the o'cing forum covers it, but any chance of a dedicated case forum?

Cheers, Beef.

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Hello Collinj,
Two things I like to say something:

1. Thank Collinj for kick anyone who act negative or bad or cuss language to this forum so keep all us good cooperator well.

2. Thank Collinj for foundation of HWC that you help most of members to find their feel right for HWC which there have plenty of help eachother where a person have struggle his or her pc problem. Only HWC always there for anyone have problem.

Collinj, Keep it up excellent job you doing.


Quantum Physics
Wow! I can't believe I asked that question just a few months back.

I know the schematics to it now.