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I just bought a IBM Thinkpad 760 EL at a garage sale. I need it just to enter data and database stuff so it is appropiate for me. I want to up the memory (now 32) to maximum, add a bigger HDD and an external CD-ROM. Any hints or suggestions as to what to add and where to buy the accessories?

Thanks for any input!


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Hi harix,

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If you're looking to upgrade your new Thinkpad, it would be best if you first went to the IBM website and look at what you can do with your computer. I'm sure you can increase the size of your hard drive and add RAM. The external CD-ROM is something you will probably have to buy from IBM themselves.


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[thanks for the welcome message. IBM's site doesn't seem to offer stuff for this anymore. For big blue it is a cumbersome site.

Thanks for your reply!