Thinking of upgrading???

I bought a leadtek A350 TDH LX ( FX5900LX).

half an hour after installing my pc went dead just switched off????? and wouldnt come back on so i left it for 20 mins and bam it came alive until the XP boot up screen then bam power off????my m8 bought the same card the same time as me i called him and he was having the same problem????

Hmmmmmmmmm i thought back to pcworld faulty cards!!we both had cards replaced but problem stayed the same..........

Now we both had 300W PSU's i having a P4 and he having a Barton 2500+.....all settings correct in bios agp8X blah blah......

I thought power on power off gotta be power related so we both bought new PSUS i got a 375W and he got a 550W and since then no problems whatsoever and the FX5900 are running lovely.

I thought id post as a warning to those out there with 300W Psu's thinking of upgradeing.....Hope it helps some1.