Thermaltake Chrome Orb impossible to install on Abit KT7



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I just saw on that the chrome orb cooler should be impossible to use with the Abit KT7 Motherboard. "ABIT KT7 is designed in such a way that you can't install Thermaltake Chrome Orb cooler for Socket462"
I have the Chrome orb cooler and is expecting my Abit KT7 to arrive tomorrow. Will I not be able to install it with a duron 600??

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You'll probably have to chop away the bottom of the fins on the heatsink a bit as the orb will hit the large capacitors on the KT7 mobo, which surround the socket. If you're willing to do this, it will work just fine. However, I'd recommend an ALPHA PAL6035 if you consider another cooler


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I modified my Chrome Orb a little bit with my Dremel tool - used a grinding attachment to grind two little rounded depressions in the heatsink. It fits pretty nice. And then I went to a computer show and found a good deal on a huge heatsink. All that work for nearly nothing. Oh well.


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I think I will try to chop of a bit of the cooler. I choose the chrome orb since it did seem to offer quite ok cooling without having the PC sounding like an aeroplane. I have never been through an easy HW installation yet so where's the hammer??

By the way the other day we decided to watch a dvd on a tv and I think we used at least 5 cables to make it work with sound and all. I am working at Ericsson so we talk a lot about the wireless world. Hope it will come soon!!!!


For future reference Thermaltake has a smaller Chrome Orb (DU0462-2) that fits without any modifications on the Abit KT7/KT7-RAID.

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When I set up a Duron/KT7 for my friend, I was horified to find that the Chrome-Orb wouldn't fit.

All that had to be done was to bend the offending fins sideways and out of the way of the capacitiors. It didn't take much - just enough to allow the Orb to fit snug with the capacitors.

Now it's running [email protected] Not too shabby, I think.

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The Chrome Orb is not a great DURON cooler although it looks "COOL" will not reach Stellar speeds with it...and if you upgrade path includes Thunderbird, you may want to consider an ALPHA unit.

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By the time I get round to getting my athlon tbird they should of released the SuperOrb if it ain't out yet

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Just arriving back from work thinking it was time to get the Dremmel tool ready for some orb modifications but do you think the parts I was missing had arrived.


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