Thermal Grease????



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My CPU/Fan-Heatsink didn't come with any thermal grease. No one in my area has thermal grease. Is there anything I can use other than thermal grease that you buy at a computer store. Is there anything I can get at a local hardware store, such as white grease. Radio Shack has nothing.


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You'd think Radio Shack has nothing... that's not true. I went to 3 Radio Shack's and asked for Thermal Compound, their employees had not idea what it was, and said that Radio Shack doesn't carry it. I even explained to them what it's used for. Afterwards I decided to try another Radio Shack, fortunately one of employees in that one knew what it was (after explaining). Guess what, go back and ask them for "Heat-Sink Compound", that's how they call it. It's only $2 and it's on small, white tube.

Good luck

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Or you can use automotive dielectric compound, but it is not as good, so be careful using it.

Silver thermal compound is the best (and most expensive).


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It doesn't do all that much so why bother its real messy too, you have to understand that it just takes heat to a certain place this case the thermal compound on the heatsink, if your fans are not the best then you may actually increase your case temp, so get another case fan instead.


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Heatsink compound does help. It increases the surface area thru which heat can be transfered between processor and heatsink by filling imperfections in the heatsink and processor. The amount by which your case temp would increase is negligible. Im not saying that an extra case fan wouldn't help, anything you do to lower temp is good, Im just saying that using a case fan INSTEAD of heatsink compound makes no sense.



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Our Radio Shack stores here do not have the heat sink compound. I developed a thermal compound for my own use that I would like certain people to try before I market it. Just let me know where to send it. The only thing I ask is your honest and objective evaluation.