The "sweet spot" in CAD oriented Graphics Cards?



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Hi all,
I'm looking for suggestions on a graphics card NOT for gaming. I'll be using it with various Autodesk and Adobe Creative Suite software.

This will be my first PC build, and starting from scratch. I just got the i7 920 cpu ($200) and now need to figure out the graphics card. I intend to get a mobo with SLI or Crossfire compatability. I'll buy one GPU now and get a second one in the future to pair them up as an upgrade when needed.
(I'm planning a similar future stepping/upgrade system with the RAM and HD, better for my budget.)

I want to spend about $150 but I would gladly raise it if the "sweet spot" is really sweet.

Also what is the current score between ATI/AMD and NVIDIA?

And is there a better site to go to for non-gamers?


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what does the huge range in price and stats actually mean in performance and application?