the new cpu-forum stickies



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i see no reason my why the management of hwc should be exempt from the rules governing off-topic threads.

the new cpu-forum sticky has no apparent place in peripherals, software or other forums here that are not cpu related.

advertising openly for trade on boards is something i personally find particularly tasteless, especially as in this case it appears to be an attempt to sideways move members from one part of's base to another.


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yea and besides that isnt sponsered by amd anyways? much more informative to say the least.
Well after visiting and looking at the quality of post, i think most real members that are interested in getting any REAL information about CPU's will stay here and visit the cpu forum. Its just a bunch of spammers wanting to get a free t-shirt.
but i dont think you will gain real members from it.
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At the end of the month, we'll ship out
T-shirts to the top posters.
I can't see that working:rolleyes: Your going to have people posting simply to raise their post count and Mods/Admins are going to decide which posts are going to count :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Spam by any name ,still tastes bad :cool:


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My thoughts on this topic as posted on another forum:

They did a great service by attracting all the post whores to one location. Now if they could only lock the doors and set the place on fire.


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What?!? You mean people don't like senseless, useless, someother-less, crap on the screen all the time.

I though people liked to be harassed unnecessarially. Shows what I know.