THE NEW 300A???



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Some of you have probably read this yesterday, but I just wanted you guys to know: Slot1 PIII 550 at 850 retail heatsink and standard voltage....


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Just like to mention one thing. The one small comparision they made between the BX chipset and the Via Apollo Pro chipset was for CPU/FPU performance ... this is NOT the Via chipset's weakness! The Via Apollo chipset's weakness is it's RAM performances. If they ran Sandra's RAM performance benchmark, they will find out there is a BIG difference between the BX and the Apollo Pro (like 25% difference). Just be aware of what you are trading off for the 1/2 AGP divider, native support for ATA 66, AGP 4X and ability to run RAM asynchronous.

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About the new 300a..
Could be??

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