The Dreamcast, who's gonna get it, I'm thinking about it!



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well unfortunately sega never had a good enough cd system to be backwards compatible with. Sony did. Having to wait at least a year, and more than a year for nintendos new system is a long wait. If most people buy a dreamcast, which is the number one selling console of all time now, they probably arent going to buy another system or 2. I know I wouldnt do that, waste money on more than one system. I have a psx now and a n64, I dont really play either that much anymore, cause I am a computer man. I use the psx for the great rpgs that are out. I dont use the n64 for anything because of the lack of good games to play, or any games for that matter! Dreamcast is definately in my future this year.


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Here are some of the game developers that are supporting the PS2 already, and the games that they are developing for the PS2
From Software

989 Studios
Electronic Arts
GT Interactive
Naughty Dog
Sony Computer Entertainment America
Rockstar/ Take Two
Running With Scissors
Working Designs

--Japanese development--
Armored Core 2 (From Software)
The Next Breath of Fire (Capcom)
King's Field (From Software)
Ninja Gaiden (Tecmo)
Onimusha (Capcom)
Soul Fighter (Toka)
Metal Gear Solid 2(Konami)
The Next Resident Evil (Capcom)
Biohazard 3 (Capcom)
Tekken 4 (Namco)
Tomb Raider 4 (Square)
Final Fantasy IX (Square)
Untitled Fighter (Square)
Untitled Fighter (Namco)
Untitled Racer (Namco)

--US development--
Flesh and Wire (Running With Scissors)
Hand of Odd (Oddworld Inhabitants)
Munch's Oddysee (Oddworld Inhabitants)
Spy Hunter (Paradigm Entertainment)
Untitled Realtime Strategy Game (7 Studios)

Thats a pretty good line up considering the damn thing isn't even close to entering production...

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I don't think there is a question whether or not the PS2 is a better machine (in hardware terms), the only thing that Sony has going against them is the price. If the machine hits the U.S. with a $300 or higher price tag, I feel it will be the next Atari Jaguar.

I'm not sure who is on board for games, but Jake550, where did you get your info?


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I'd wait on buying a new system not just because of what Sony and the big N are doing, but instead to look at the software the Third party companies come out with, plus just to see if the new system has any problems(like the overheating Playstation). Does anybody else think that what Nintendo is doing is kind of odd releasing two different Dolphins one made by Nintendo without a DVD player or a audio cd playing capabilities at a lower price point, and one put out by Panasonic(Matsushita)that will be able to do both things. I think this could confuse consumers even more when purchasing a new system. side note: I bought a N64 in January so I could play Zelda and Golden Eye, and after beating them both I didn't mess with the system for a month, and I sold it back in March, because I liked my PSX more, and the PSX2 is going to be my most likely choice for the next system I get.