The ATI RADEON 256 Unveiled!



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Nvida’s GeForce has become the de facto standard for top of the line 3D graphics with no real competitors. But will ATI’s next-generation challenge Nvidia’s reign? With a 1.5 GTexel fillrate and the ability to transform up to 30 million triangles/sec the RADEON 256 definitely has the potential. Interested? Read on…


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Assuming that they do get it out on time and with decent drivers, hey, that's got to be some serious drool potential. I mean, I'm drooling already

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I'll believe an ATI solution when the review sites weigh in on the final product.

The Rage 128 was supposed to be a good product, too. Look what happened to that. Poor drivers, nasty looking 16bit, and clock speeds all over the map.

IF ATI can pull it off, fine, but specs are meaningless without production hardware to back it up. To date, ATI's not been able back up their claims.


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It looks like it will be the same ol' thing for ATi... an equal product arriving too late. I've read July and August as likely release dates for the Radeon 256. That's just too late. People aren't likely going to buy that. The anxious ones will buy the GeForce 2 GTS and the patient ones will wait until September for the NV20. It hurts to continually see ATi come so close to the throne but always arrive 3 months late. Then again, they do lead the OEM market, and the Radeon 256 will have great success there, but high-end hobbyists are just not going to go for it, in my opinion... and simply because, again, the product is coming out just too late.

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Unless 3dfx do something FAST and SERIOUSLY GOOD, they are going to fall off the wagon. The ATI card is half the price of the V5 6000 and more powerful. The V4+5 uses primitive SDRAM, whereas the GeForce1+2+ATI card uses DDR memory. Where is the T&L? The GeForce2 and Radeon supports FSAA, as if it took the companies just a couple of weeks to add that feature. But no, 3dfx makes something MAJOR out of it and still no cards available....


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ATI's only saving grace to this point has been hardware DVD and OEM stuff. but if the OEMs can't afford to throw it in a cheap system (dell and thier rage PRO turbos), then kiss ATI good-bye.

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The pic is a fake, goddammit... too bad you don't even try to design the card from ground on


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compare the pics on page 2 (or 3... not really sure) w/ that on page 9... suprise


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Um the ATi Radeon 256 is gunna kick ass! It does 30million poly/sec ... for $200 ill pay that instead of $500 for the Geforce Ultra that does 31.25million poly/sec. The Radeon 256 MAXX will also rock more because like the Rage Fury MAXX it will have dual processors and will be fast as crap ... at 60million poly/sec! Suck on that Nvidia!!


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I think for a $200.00 price tag a lot of people are going to be patient. Looks like an awesome card, hope they can get it to market on time.

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