testing FPS in quake 3



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ok, i haven't tested my FPS in quake 3 yet (usually stick to UT) what is the command you enter in the console again?

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To test timedemo 1 you bring down the comand console by pressing the swigly simble key abouve the Tab key which brings down the command console, you then type "timedemo 1" to test demo 1 and "timedemo 2" to test demo 2, you can then go into what ever demo you wonted to test and when the dewmo ends bring the comand console down again with the swigly button above the tab key and it should give you you're results. You can get a great article at g256.com on doing this.

I was wondering if you could answer a questI had, here it is:Okay this may sound really stupid but what does FPU actually stand for, I'm getting a GeForce 2 MX PCI, and it seems to have low T&L Performance but it showed on viahardware.com if you use the celerons FPU to do T&L in D3D, it increases the performance nicly, would this only work on a newer Celeron (FC-PGA) with SSE like they used on the test or would it work on my Celeron 500 (PPGA) without SSE. I don't know if the link will help but here it is: http://www.viahardware.com/pcimx5.shtm